Thai brands of Oxandrolone tabs.

I’ve been looking for a new brand of oxandrolone tab to try. The two obvious choices were the locally produced SB Labs “OxanSB” and LaPharma Oxandrolone products.

The LaPharma product despite having approx the same cost per bottle works out far less economical as it contains just 30 * 10mg tabs vs 50 * 10mg for the SB Labs version.

I’m assuming of course that both brands are fully dosed products.

I was impressed by the embossed bottle lids but I’m a little sad that they both use labels that appear to be printed on desktop ink jets. Surprising really as professional printing in Asia is cheap and usually “no questions asked”.

I’m hoping someone will lab test both products soon, if anyone knows of a current public testing lab please drop me a line.

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