BD claims Anabol production to resume in January 09.

Hope they are right as the only tub I have left is being used as a toothbrush holder.

I found a site this week that has a great picture of the rare 333 mini tubs of 15mg Blue Anabols and claims they have them in stock and ready to ship.

The 15mg blue tabs were quietly launched a few years back in response to the popularity of Anabol’s new competitor Danabol-DS. I’d never seen them on Thai pharmacy shelves but had heard various reports of their existence and seen a few bad camera phone pics of them.

There is also a new 20mg Dbol tab out in Thailand but I haven’t managed to get my hands on a sample yet. It’s sold in tubs of 100 so it’s not the most ideal product for smugglers, I’m pretty sure it’s manufacturer will realize a 250 or 500 tab tub would sell much better.

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