British Dispensary "production has resumed".

My favorite Thai pharmacy is once again stocking British Dispensary products.

I’d always wanted to take a close look at the new yellow Anabol 10’s so took my opportunity to buy a few tubs.

The first thing that surprised me was just how small the tubs are, here’s a pic of a tub standing next to it’s older brother.

Inside each tub there’s a nice thick sealed plastic bag holding the 500 tabs and desiccant sachet.

If you remove the actual tabs and put them back into the tub you’ll see there’s plenty of space.

I was pleased to find that you can squeeze an entire k of tabs into each tub. That’s great news for those of you who want to transport them outside Thailand and makes me think the days of the 5mg pink version are numbered.

The only notable security feature of the Anabol 10 design is it’s hologram. I’m no expert on holograms but I’m pretty sure their are companies in India and China that could easily duplicate the ones BD are using.

Here’s two different views of the current hologram design :

The hologram will of course tear if you attempt to remove it.

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that the date of manufacture of the tubs I bought this week appears to be 28/11/08, that’s strange because it means this particular batch was made during the period that BD was claiming it had no access to raw materials from China.

The Xmas period is the high season for tourists in Thailand when BD probably sells more Anabol than any other time of the year so why on earth would they deliberately withhold stock from pharmacies ?

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