Two steroid arrests at Australia’s Sydney airport.

Text below from Australian Customs press release.

Customs and Border Protection has arrested two people attempting to smuggle prohibited performance and image enhancing drugs into Australia through Sydney International Airport.

Customs and Border Protection officers stopped a 33-year-old Australian woman when she arrived on a flight from Lebanon on Wednesday 18 February.

During an examination of the woman’s luggage the officers allegedly detected 2205 testosterone vials and 4800 tablets.

In another case, a 32-year-old Lebanese man has been charged after Customs and Border Protection officers allegedly detected 497 vials of testosterone in his baggage. He arrived in Sydney on 17 February on a flight from Lebanon.

The Lebanese man it appears had hidden the vials inside several Chinese made Nokia novelty clocks which were in his luggage.

This pic shows one of the clocks in the Nokna range :

The Nokna clocks are around ten inches high, much bigger than the actual phones they are based on.

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