Axio regrets posting pics of it’s new ampule range before official launch.

It appears the first pics of their new Stanoplex ampules posted on the official web site and many forums were in fact of empty amps.

Here are some cellphone shots from Axio of the actual Stanaplex and Testaplex (?) amps fresh off the production line before having their labels put on.

The ‘official’ statement from Axio posted on the forums today :-

“Axiolabs probably jumped the gun in releasing the good news of our new line of ampoules. We do this to show that we are no ordinary underground lab. It appears that many people on ( board name removed so that Axio isn’t flooded with freebie requests ) decided to rush to the concept that we were somehow counterfeiting them.

I have taken the liberty of going to the lab and taking unprinted vials so that they will be easy to photograph and taken simple pictures here of the Stanaplex 50 with my phone. and now as well the Testaplex Suspension 100. I hope there are no critics of my photography abilities

We will offer free ampoules of both suspension and the Stanaplex to members here at ( board name removed so that Axio isn’t flooded with freebie requests ) so that you can witness first hand and report back that these are in fact the real deal.

We have no delusions given the market we are in that we are forced to be an underground lab, however we will always produce everything to strict GMP standards in properly equipped facilities to the highest of standards for the most discerning members.”

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