Best of British UG stuff from our London blackmarket shopping trip.

ProChem Laboratories is one of the best known UG brands on the British market. However during my recent London visit I heard a bizarre story of their Chinese founder having become addicted to Nubain and crashing his brand new Ferrari. Not sure any of it’s true but nothing would surprise me in this game.

Here you can see their “Dianabol” tabs in bottles of 100 * 10mg ( we all know how I feel about unoriginal names ). Packaging and label are rather basic, at least the bottles are shrink wrapped.

One label feature I did like was the list of tablet ingredients ( binders / fillers ) they have used. IMHO it gives a good indication that whoever designs the labels is also involved in tab production and quality control. Most labs have their tabs pressed by a third party and have no idea what’s in them aside from the active ingredient they hope is in there 🙂

This is their Equibol 300 ( boldenone undeclynate 300mg/ml ) label and design is again rather plain and not many security features.

Looks to me like hand crimping, label and flip off lid look reasonably straight though.

If anyone reading has any feedback on their usage of recent ProChem products I’ll update this post with it.

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