More best of British UG stuff from our London blackmarket shopping trip

Anabol 5 by “Elite La Pharma” ( got to resist making my usual comment on UG product names )

Not sure this one is really British as the packaging is in French and as a general rule the Brits are no big fans of the French. It is however being sold in British gyms and hyped on British bodybuilding forums.

I didn’t want to open the pack as the current owner was worried he’d have a hard time selling it sealed, let alone with a tab or two missing. I can describe the tabs for you though, they look very similar to the triangular ( with rounded corners ) Geneza tabs minus of course the GP stamp.

“Elite La Pharma” is of course a terrible name, a combo of ‘La Pharma” and “Elite Fitness” ? Perhaps chosen to make it hard to find on search engines ? ( you’ll notice there is no url on the packaging lending further weight to this theory )

The products themselves ( orals only at this point ? ) appear to be getting good reviews online.

One post claimed that “Elite La Pharma” was run by former BD employees but personally I doubt it 🙂

btw if anyone from ELP is reading then might I suggest you improve the sealing of your pouches, the wrinkles on the top edge don’t look very professional ( they look glued rather than heat sealed ).

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