Understanding steroid lab tests – Part two oil based injectables.

I hope you enjoyed our earlier post on tablet tests.

Today’s post covers lab tests of oil based injectables.

I’m well aware this is pretty basic stuff, it’s not being written for those of you with scientific backgrounds, our purpose is simply to help the average end user.

The example I’ve used below is from our favorite high profile UGL ( however in this case the test appears to be an unadulterated one from 07 prior to SRCS’s legal problems ).

The test is of their 25mg/mL Testosterone Propionate product.

The test results themselves are very similar in terms of layout to their tablet counterparts

The Sample Identification is divided into” Laboratory ID #” and “Client ID #”.

The next column is the “Specific Gravity” ( this is the heaviness of a substance compared to that of water expressed without units ).

The final two columns give us the actual test result for Testosterone Propionate. In the case shown above SRCS found 28.1 mg of Testosterone Propionate in one gram of the product sample.

If you find “ND *” rather than an actual number in the mg/g column on an SRCS lab test it means “None Detected” ( a result of zero).

Sometimes this will be accompanied by the following statement “The sample did contain a major constituent that did exhibit spectral and chromotagraphic retention characteristics of a steroidal compound other than the target analyte.” In simple terms it means the product tested appears to contain a steroid but they did not bother to identify what it was or measure how much of it was in there ( the steroidal compound in the majority of counterfeit injectables is a testosterone ester )

“Specific Gravity” is then multiplied by the “mg/g” to give the “mg/mL”.

for the example shown above 0.918 * 28.1 = 25.79 mg/mL

The figure given by SRCS has been rounded up to one decimal point 25.8mg/mL

So in the example we have used above from our favorite UGL the product appears to be fully dosed and the lab test genuine. It’s only the tests on their website dated late 07, 08 and 09 that appear to have been manipulated.

The reason could be that like many others UGLs they have been unable to find a new independent lab to test products at. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the products they have been selling were underdosed but it does suggest that who ever runs the show made a bad decision to publish false test results rather than to just admit the products have not been independently tested.

SRCS used to charge for each ester you wanted measured in a sample eg to test an amp of Karachi Sustanon 250 ( a four ester testosterone blend) you would have to pay four times as much as if you were testing an amp of Testoviron Depot 250 ( which should contain just Testosterone Enanthate).

Testing for bacteria and other impurities was normally not done by SRCS.

In theory you could have paid SRCS to identify what carrier oils and solvents had been used but I’ve never seen an actual example of this having been done.

So far I’ve been unable to find any examples of SRCS tests of water based injectables posted online, when I do I will update this post.

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