Real Norma ?

There still seem to be plenty of fake Normas on sale. I thought it would be a good idea to post a full set of high quality reference photos for a current and allegedly real Norma Nandrolone 2ml vial. ( sadly unless you are personally buying factory direct you can never be one hundred percent sure ).

We’ll start with the full box view.

The famous Greek government sticker.

( Contrary to popular opinion not all legit Greek products have these. I know for a fact that if you purchase certain products factory direct for export the stickers are supplied by the manufacturer on a big sheet rather than stuck on each individual box. However all products sold via Greek pharmacies should have them . )

The price stamp in Euros, Lot number and Expiry date ( normally 2 years from date of production ).

Vial and product insert.

The current cap design.

The famous Norma red oval printed on the vial under the sticky label.

Holographic sticky label showing batch and expiry dates.

Due to the curved surface of the vial you can only photograph a small area of the hologram at any one time. ( of course the solution would be to remove the label and shoot it on a flat surface, sadly this vial was only on loan to me so I couldn’t do that )

Expert opinions via comments on this vial’s authenticity are encouraged.

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