Tragic news – 17 year old British bodybuilder dies.

“Matthew Dear died at England’s Southend Hospital at 8am today. He had been in hospital since last Monday where he was being treated in their critical care unit.”

A post mortem examination wil be carried out tomorrow.

A 17-year-old boy and a 21-year-old man, both from Westcliff, and 24-year-old man from Leigh were arrested on suspicion of supplying a controlled substance. They have all been released on police bail until June 23.

Matthew was a respected member of a website called TeenBodybuilding.

Here is his bio from the site :-

When I was 14, I joined a gym to help improve my fitness for boxing. Although it was ok, it was one of those gyms where there are hardly any free weights and most of it was running machines etc. After going here for about 6 months, I decided that I was wasting my money so I stopped going and started working out at home – running, cycling, doing pressups, situps, pullups from the doorframe. Soon afterwards, I managed to find enough money to buy a cheap bench, barbell, dumbbell and some sand-filled weights. These were fine for a few weeks until I discovered a gym hidden away nearby. I started going there and I made some big gains. Unfortunately, it closed down so I was back with the weight set in my room. I’ve purchased some steel weights since and I will continue to keep everyone posted on my progress. I figured that by writing for Teenbodybuilding, I could help out other teens around the country. Please feel free to e-mail me about anything!”

He wrote a number of articles that appeared on the site and listed his hero as being Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One of his articles even covered the use of drugs by bodybuilders :

“By andro, I mean androstenedione, all the nor versions, and the diols as well. If you know anything about these, you’ll know what I mean. I’m sure you’ll gain whilst on them, but in the teenage years, you can do without, and at any time (especially the teenage years) you can definitely do without the side effects! (the worst probably being dramatically increased acne!)”

“If you really, really, really have to take drugs, at least take something like anabolic steroids – I’m not telling you to do it. In fact, I’m telling you not to, but if you have to take something illegal (and quite a few of you do) don’t go for the heroin or the coke. Take the ‘roids. At least you get some good effects. Oh and by the way, this DOES include your beloved “pot”. Despite what people like Richard Branson might think, it is NOT safe! Just listen to a regular pot smoker speak! There’s also more tar in a spliff than a regular cigarette. Smoking tobacco kills, and so does smoking pot.

It appears the Matthew D we found on Yahoo Answers UK may not be the right one.

I am confident however that he is the “Mat D” from TeenBodybuilding yet I’ve been unable to find any forum user names that belong to him on that site.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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