Elite Fitness Pharma announces new packaging designs.

UK based lab Elite Fitness Pharma is testing out a new glossy label design it’s rather similar to their old one but is no longer semi transparent.

( I must admit the first time I saw their transparent labels I thought I’d smashed a vial on the journey home as they looked similar to oil soaked paper).

Old style is in the middle ( this is EFP’s own pic, I’ll be taking some of my own pics soon ) New glossy labels are on both sides.

Here are my shots of the old EFP design, my samples were of the pre imprinted cap versions from 2008.

Front view :

Front view from above showing old style Flip Off lids :

Size comparison vs Norma nandrolone :

Rear view :

Hologram close up :

Please note EFP will introduce a new hologram design this June, hopefully it will be a little more complex than this one, they are also promising to have proper batch and expiry dates electronically printed on each vial. Sounds like they’ve made a wise move and invested in some new fancy equipment.

EFP products have I’ve been informed been independently tested by Body Of Science for their new UG book 🙂

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