Australian customs busts steroid smuggler.

“During initial questioning officers asked the man to empty his pockets. The man allegedly removed four large plastic bags containing vials from his pockets.

An examination of the man’s luggage revealed further vials and documentation relating to testosterone. Further examination revealed the man was wearing a belt consisting of numerous pouches containing vials and tablets.

In total 143 vials and tablet containers were found in the man’s possession. The contents have been identified as performance and image enhancing drugs.”

In the pictures we can see that the seized products were :-

Cytex 250 and Dexxa 250 by Thaiger Pharma
Sustan-250 and Primo-100 by Global Anabolics
Depo-Test 250 by Unigen Life Sciences
Oxandrolone by LA Pharma.

All these products are sold in Thai pharmacies so I suspect this guy had flown from Bangkok to Hong Kong and then on to Australia. If that’s not the case then he must have logically purchased them from the factory in Hong Kong where they are either making or copying Unigen, Thaiger, Global Anabolics and LA Pharma products.

It appears the unlucky bodybuilder had custom made a white bandage wrap specifically for this smuggling attempt. Boxes for the injectables had been flattened and I presume hidden in his luggage. I can’t imagine he had a very comfortable flight with all this product wrapped around him. Bangkok airport security pats down each passenger and thoroughly x-rays and checks hand luggage so I would be very surprised if he managed to get on a flight from there wearing this set up, I’m theorizing that if his products were indeed purchased in Thailand they were in his hold luggage or mailed to Hong Kong.

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