More info on the Florida steroid dealer’s bust.

Several new pictures have been released to the press :-

It looks like this is the package that was used in the controlled delivery. It’s large enough to have contained about 40 10ml vials of Genesis brand injectables. The packaging is rather unusual as the vials still in their original boxes appear to have been wrapped in silver plastic foil. According to the note ( written I presume by LE ) the pack contained EQ, Deca and Testosterone Enanthate from Genesis along with some Omnadren amps. I doubt there are many internationals who sell both Genesis and Omnadren. If you recognize the silver plastic packing method and are expecting a delivery of your own soon it’s probably a very good time to clean house.

This picture is a better one of the Chinese tabs which we presume are from IP.

The NY Daily News even went to visit him in jail.

“The Florida bodybuilder who told authorities that he supplied illegal performance-enhancing drugs to big-league athletes says he got into steroids because he wanted to emulate his hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In an exclusive jailhouse interview with the Daily News, Richard “Andy” Thomas said he was too small to play high school sports, but he was inspired to bulk up with steroids by Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding champion and action-flick star who is now the governor of California.

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