UG Lab busted in San Antonio, Texas.

DEA agents made a controlled delivery of a raw powder shipment ( origin currently unknown ) following a tip off that described deliveries of several suspicious looking packages. Agents discover a UG lab producing capsules and injectables. No external packaging / labels were found I presume they were stored at the second address that was searched ( details of which are still secret ).

Looks like they found at least 15000 finshed capsules and several thousand vials.

Close up shot of the capsules lab was producing ( I’m sure some of you will recognise them, if you do please comment on the post and give us the UG’s brand name ).

Raw powders found at the lab ( or possibly the contents of the packages that was the controlled delivery ).

AnaBar powder ? Doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence regarding their brewing skills.

Recipe book used to make everything, pretty sure this page says the following :-

“Halo caps

19g of ????? + 1g Halo

worked good don’t tap down so much”

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