Danabol DS through the years.

Here’s my collection of Danabol DS tub samples. All were purchased from the same Thai pharmacy over the last 7 years. As you can see there have been several variations in wording and colouring.

Last weekend I found some posted pics of Danabol DS being sold in the UK which I’m pretty sure are copies, packaging looked perfect but the tabs themselves were poorly mixed ( specks of dark blue and white ) and I’m pretty sure the shape was slightly wrong having a wide lip that the real ones don’t. Next time I have access to my samples I’ll shoot a comparison shot of the tabs from each of the batches shown in the pic above I’m guessing that despite the packaging changes the tabs themselves will be identical.

Pic of real Danabol tab link.

Current Danabol tab is on the left of the pic and has a nice even blue colour with no visible dark or white specks.

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