Australian customs finds steroid ampules hidden in hair gel.

“A 25-year-old Auburn man was stopped and questioned by Customs and Border Protection officers when he arrived at Sydney International Airport on a flight from Lebanon on Thursday.

During a luggage examination, officers x-rayed two commercially packaged saucepans and found anomalies consistent with a concealment. Officers opened the saucepans and each was found to contain a large tub labelled as ‘styling gel’.

The two tubs were examined and approximately two hundred vials labelled as either ‘Sustanon’ or ‘Nanbrolone Decanoate’ were found suspended in an inert gel substance.

It will be alleged that a bag containing a further 23 vials also labelled as ‘Sustanon’ was found in the man’s possession, along with a container of 23 tablets believed to be Dianabol. Officers also identified suspected prohibited images containing violence on the man’s mobile phone.”

I think it’s safe to assume Australian customs are currently 0n the look out for muscular men arriving from Lebanon and Thailand.

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