Bayer vs Schering ( Thai versions ) pics.

Here’s a picture of the new Bayer versions of Testoviron Depot and Provironum and the old Schering Thailand versions that they have recently replaced.

The current Bayer version of Testoviron Depot is still made in Germany.

The Bayer Provironum is now made in Brazil.

Each box of the Bayer Provionum contains five blister packs of ten tabs instead of the fifteen foil strips used in the old Schering version.

The typical price per tab for the new version is a little higher at Thai pharmacy level. The new Bayer box features a perforated flap for easy opening ( yet another piece of equipment anyone attempting a counterfeit will need to buy )

Here’s a picture of the versions of Proviron / Provironum I’ve collected over the years.

( Thai Bayer, Thai Schering, UK Schering, Greek Schering and Brazilian Schering )

The new Bayer Testoviron Depot still ships to Thai pharmacies in shrink wrapped packs of five boxes. Price per box of twenty ampules is unchanged.

The new Bayer Testoviron Depot box still holds two layers of ten ampules, twenty in total.

The Bayer Testoviron Depot ampules are very clean and shiny. The expiration date is five years after that of production.

Label is perfectly straight as is the green ring around the top of each ampule. ( the red specs are part of the snack I was eating while taking the pics ) .

The neck of each amp is scored directly under the blue dot as a result they are very easy to open.

According to my measurements the old Schering version was overfilled and contained 1.2 ml of oil per ampule I will be measuring the contents of the new Bayer version as soon as I try one.

For fun I weighed some ampules of both the new and old versions of Testoviron Depot, the older Schering’s average weight was 2.705 g and the new Bayer’s average weight was 2.880 g.

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