Convicted British steroid source / UGL ordered to pay back profits.

A Chesterfield couple involved in a drug manufacturing ring which netted hundreds of thousands of pounds have had their profits confiscated.

Neil Ogden, aged 40, and his wife Toni, 36, of Chesterfield Road, Brimington, have been ordered to pay back £109,962 of the cash they are believed to have earned illicitly. They were part of a group which manufactured and sold illegal medicines, including unlicensed slimming and body-building supplements, one of which included the illegal Class C drug testosterone.

Neil Ogden ran gyms in Chesterfield and Matlock at the time and sold the drugs in his gyms and to shops and salons in “Derbyshire and beyond” and on the internet. He was jailed for two years in May and has now been forced to hand over some of the profits of his crime – £61,192.

His wife, Toni, who received an eight month suspended prison sentence and a 200 hour unpaid work order, helped with the financial administration and marketing of the products for their company, Slim Magic. She was ordered to pay back £48,770.

Their drugs were also sold through close friend Ian Ratcliffe, 43, of Alstonfield Drive, Allestree, who owned a nutritional products company. He was jailed for 21 months and has been told to pay back £2,434.

Five others involved in the operation were ordered to pay back a total of £7,667 at earlier hearings. In total, the eight involved in the drugs ring are said to have benefited from their crimes to the sum of £292,364 and were ordered to pay back £120,063.

Half of the cash is to go to the Government and the rest will be divided between the police, court services and the Crown Prosecution Service.

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