Elite Fitness Pharmaceuticals current injectable range.

One of Elite Fitness Pharmaceuticals new resellers called AssistedAthletics was kind enough to send us some samples of their current injectable range. This came us a bit of a surprise as Elite Fitness Pharmaceuticals’ head office have been ignoring our emails and questions for the past six months or so.

The vials shown in the pics have the new style glossy labels and EFP imprinted caps. The holograms are still a little basic and as you can see on the right hand vial in the pic below there is a problem with the batch and expiry date printing.

( Please click on the actual pics to see them full size. )

AssistedAthletics have promised to let us have some samples of the Scrioxx product range ( that they also stock ) in the near future.

( Please note samples were returned to supplier once pics were taken. We are not suggesting EFP is better or worse than any other UG brand. Unlike certain forum Vets I don’t claim to have personally tried nearly every product or pretend to know people who have ).

If any other UGL brand owners would like to see their products featured on this blog ( for free ) then simply email me. Just don’t expect anything other than an honest report 🙂

3 responses to “Elite Fitness Pharmaceuticals current injectable range.

  1. Are these the guys that have had their account suspended?

  2. Assisted athletics is a rip off and a con. Stole lots of peoples monies and have now gonemissing, their site is closed down. Its wrong that sites like this advocate certain UGL’s in return for steroids. As if they send them back!!! Scamming bastards, end of.

    • sorebuttcheeks

      Personally I don’t use UG products so am happy to return any UGL samples that I’m sent.

      Looks like AA’s host has deleted their site rather than them closing on purpose. “This Account Has Been Suspended”

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