Geneza Pharmaceuticals update.

Geneza Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest brands on the market. They recently announced the launch of several interesting new products for 2010 :-

GP Bolasterone 50mg/tab
GP Cheque Drops 100mcg/tab
GP M.D. – Methandriol Dipropionate 75mg/ml
GP MENT – Trestolone Acetate 50mg/ml
GP Andromix – Blend of 50mg T prop + 50mg trenbolone acetate + 50mg Drostanolone Prop
GP Test U500 -Testosterone Undecanoate 500mg/ml

Geneza Pharmaceuticals also has a new impersonator using the domain “GenezaPharmaceuticals.EU” ( run by a scammer calling himself Robert Aurel based in Bucharest, Romainia. )

On this post you can see our pictures of some of the current Geneza Pharmaceuticals product range. The pic above shows Geneza’s GP Deca 250, GP Prima 100 and GP Mast 200 10ml vials.

The pic below shows GP’s “figure 8” imprinted flip off caps.

GP vial labels feature gold hot foil stamping rather than the common holographic sticker.

Each product has a unique ISN which can be checked on their website.

Pouches of GP Turan ( 50 x 10mg ) and GP Clen ( 100 x 40mcg ). The sachets are very small and vacuum packed, we presume to reduce shipping volume and noise.

Geneza fans should be sure to check out the new JuciedMuscle forum from Naps.

( it’s pretty quiet at the moment but should get much more busy over the next few weeks )

3 responses to “Geneza Pharmaceuticals update.

  1. wat r u serrious i think they r pretty good ,,t o be sure have to try all one at a time to see gp deca 250 seemed good but used it with sust 250 not sure will let you guys know how it gose

  2. The ISI # on the Deca comes up as legit on Geneza's website.

  3. sorebuttcheeks, I don't see the point why you're posting pictures of GP gear. I don't think I need to tell you this, but I believe posting their lab results and/or indicating whether the gear is properly dosed or not would be better. If not, then you just wasted a good amount of space on cyber space.

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