Bust in Massachusetts coming very soon ?

Police say they helped federal agents intercept $12,000 worth of a hormone drug that was shipped from Hong Kong to Massachusetts. ( more like $300 worth )

Authorities seized six packages containing human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which got through customs because it was hidden in PlayStation video games and accessories, said Detective Jay Ball. ( it got through because it wasn’t randomly checked )

“We thought they were human growth hormones, but they are actually female hormones being sent into the country illegally,” Ball said.

Ball said the bust was the first of its kind for him, and federal agents called it unusual.

Police started working the case around Christmas with a federal Drug Enforcement Administration task force and the U.S. postal inspector’s office.

Ball said an alert citizen notified authorities about the shipments. Authorities are chasing leads, and the case is still under investigation. Ball would not say where the shipments were headed. “They were intended for an address” in Massachusetts, he said.

There were 10 vials of the drug in each of the six packages – large yellow envelopes – and each vial is worth $200.

I have no idea why the press have been tipped off about this case in advance of any arrests being made but hopefully it will help some of you to stay safe.

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