Admitted dealer ties Mobile pharmacy to steroids conspiracy that spanned country.

A New Jersey man testified today that he set up a business to sell steroids to bodybuilders and used a doctor suggested by a pharmacy executive in Mobile to write prescriptions.

Dan McGlone’s testimony directly linked Jason R. Kelley, who was part owner of Applied Pharmacy Services, to a nationwide conspiracy in which doctors have admitted to signing off on bogus prescriptions for customers of health clinics. Applied Pharmacy, which was located on International Drive near Bel Air Mall, mixed the drugs and shipped them, in many cases, directly to the customers.

Throughout the trial in U.S. District Court, attorneys for Applied Pharmacy’s owners and pharmacists, have argued that the pharmacy merely filled prescriptions written by the doctors.

But McGlone told jurors that Kelley played an active role in his business. McGlone testified that he met Kelley over the phone while searching for a pharmacy online where he could find drugs to treat a medical condition involving his body’s inability to produce sufficient testosterone.

During the conversation, McGlone testified, Kelley suggested he get in touch with a Brooklyn, N.Y., doctor who would “write a prescription for anything.”

McGlone said he called in 2003 and soon set up his own company, American Pharmaceutical Group. Working out of his home on North Brunswick, N.J., McGlone said, he began advertising in muscle magazines and told Kelley about his plans.

“He thought it was a very good idea,” McGlone testified.

He said he soon began getting orders from college and amateur athletes and grossed between $900,000 and $1 million from January 2004 to August 2006, although he acknowledged under cross-examination that the vast majority of that was for steroids filled at another pharmacy.

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