Jurors in Mobile steroids trial hear wiretapped phone calls, see intercepted faxes, e-mails.

Jurors in a steroids trial last week heard wiretapped phone conversations and saw intercepted e-mails, faxes and Web searches.

The Drug Enforcement Administration got permission to monitor the communications as part of its probe of Applied Pharmacy Services, which prosecutors contend shipped anabolic steroids to hundreds of customers– including professional athletes like former baseball slugger Jose Canseco.

The evidence includes faxed order forms for steroids and discussions about the products between officials at the compounding pharmacy and health clinic owners who are accused of dealing the drugs.

Government agents testified that FedEx inadvertently delivered documents related to the investigation to Applied Pharmacy on May 1, 2006. After that, investigators began seeing Applied officials running Google searches searching for information about the probe and investigations of an Arizona doctor whose prescriptions the pharmacy filled.

In one recorded conversation in June 2006, part-owner Jason R. Kelley discussed a recent audit of Applied Pharmacy that raised questions about the use of Trenbolone, a steroid designed for use on livestock that has not been approved for human use. Kelley said in the call that the pharmacy was going to discontinue use of that drug.

Earlier last week, jurors heard from several steroids customers, who testified about side effects they suffered from taking the drugs. They included severe acne on the back, shrunken testicles and depression.

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