Mobile steroids trial nearing end; Applied Pharmacy charged with supplying star athletes.

It included doctors who agreed to write sham prescriptions and dealers who lured customers looking for shortcuts to buffed bodies, a federal prosecutor in Mobile told jurors during closing arguments in a steroids case today.

The lynchpin in the whole conspiracy, Assistant U.S. Attorney Donna Dobbins argued, was a compounding pharmacy in Mobile where owners reaped millions of dollars in profits by engaging in “illegal and far-reaching” conduct from 2003 until August 2006.

“Each one of them participated in this conspiracy,” she said. “They operated a steroid mill, and they would dispense anabolic steroids to anyone whose credit card was good.”

Dobbins reminded jurors of testimony that the company made millions of dollars by selling anabolic steroids — including some that have been approved only for use in livestock — to customers came from 41 states.

They ranged from star athletes like former major league baseball slugger Jose Canseco and Olympic gold medal wrestler Kurt Angle to teenagers. Dobbins pointed to testimony from a former employee suggesting that Applied Pharmacy’s secretary and part owner, Jason R. Kelley, was well aware of the potential legal problems.

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