Politician’s ex-wife accuses him of steroid and creatine use :-)

Gov. Quinn’s embattled running mate, Scott Lee Cohen, allegedly abused anabolic steroids, displayed fits of rage and forced himself sexually on his ex-wife before their divorce, court documents reviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

Those explosive allegations about Cohen’s “erratic” behavior come from his ex-wife and are contained in the couple’s divorce file in legal documents that were part of an order of protection she sought in 2005.

The woman described life with the millionaire pawnbroker as “pretty unbearable” and said that she lived “in constant fear of him,” according to the court records.

“Over the past year, my husband has been taking injectable anabolic steroids, including but not limited to Winstrol, Cretine, and Steen. And as a result, he has an erratic, explosive temper,” she alleged.

Story from Chicago’s Sun Times.

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