Basketball player claims he’s just a dumb supplement junkie and NOT a cheat :-)

Juan Dixon said he made a mistake that led to his positive test for the steroid nandrolone and expects to be cleared to return to his Spanish professional team soon.

“I’m a supplement junkie,” Dixon said on Sunday at the Petersen Events Center, where he was watching his younger brother, Jermaine, and the University of Pittsburgh play Villanova. “I like to try different things and I made the mistake of not doing the research and making sure it was legal.”

But the former Maryland guard said the notion that he was intentionally taking steroids is laughable.

“Steroids? C’mon,” he said. “I was 145 pounds in high school, 160 in college and I’m up to maybe 175 now. Look at me. Be serious. People can say whatever they want, but I’ve played the same way my whole life.”

Dixon, who was suspended indefinitely by FIBA after the positive test, said he will have a B sample test on Monday and expects to receive the results of that within the next week.

“If it’s OK, I should be good to go,” he said.

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