Depressed ex-steroid user dies from undetermined cause.

A former weightlifter tried to kill himself by dousing himself in petrol on a garage forecourt and asking people to set light to him, an inquest heard.

Darren Mulrooney, who suffered from manic depression, died in his sleep months later, Bolton Coroner’s Court heard.

The 42-year-old grabbed a petrol nozzle from a driver before pouring fuel over himself, at the Esso garage in Wigan Road, Deane, in January last year.

Friend Anthony Hinegan told the inquest: “He went across the road, snatched the petrol nozzle off someone and poured it all over himself. It must have been traumatic for the people there.”

The inquest heard Mr Mulrooney, the youngest of three children, worked as a joiner and a hod carrier after he left school.

His father, Frank, said his son had been a keen weightlifter, but when he was aged 22, he discovered his son had been taking steroids.

Mr Mulrooney said his son began suffering from depression. The 15-stone weightlifter stopped going to the gym and his weight reached 21 stone.

He was treated for bipolar disorder and was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital 28 times between 1993 and 2009.

Mr Mulrooney was found dead after falling asleep in a neighbour’s flat, in Wigan Road, Deane, on August 17, last year. Pathologists could not determine a cause of death but said it was likely he suffered a sudden heart arrhythmia.

Recording an open verdict, deputy coroner Alan Walsh said Mr Mulrooney seemed to have deteriorated from the moment he stopped taking steroids.

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