Steroids. com claims to be under new ownership ?

Here’s today’s Press Release :-

Effective today, has gone live under new ownership with the primary goal to educate youths about the dangers of steroid abuse. Backed by the legal team at Womack & Associates of Houston, Texas, Steroids. com aims to become the de-facto informational website related to all things steroids.

Steroids. com has also partnered with the Taylor Hooton Foundation (www.taylorhooton. org) to provide an educational resource network to deter teenagers and young adults from using illegal steroids. launches with an encyclopedic library of factual information about steroids, including:

Side effects and dangers of Anabolic Steroids.
In-depth overviews of why and how these drugs are taken and obtained.
The ethical and peer pressure aspects of Steroids.
Steroid use in schools and sports.
The history of Anabolic Steroids.
How to spot a Steroid user.
How to talk to your child about Steroids.

Steroids. com welcomes and invites media attention and inquiry and wishes to partner with all domestic media outlets to spread the word about the dangerous and harmful consequences of steroid abuse.

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