Weird steroid fight club story.

The Laurel Police Department is continuing to work a case involving fighting among juveniles and young adults that resulted in at least one people being taken into custody.

LPD Narcotics Agents Michael Tolbert and Stephen Bullock reported that a local business owner was arrested and taken into custody following the execution of a search warrant at his Highway 15/16th Avenue business.

According to officials, Adam Doherty, 30, of Laurel, formerly of Waynesboro, was arrested at his business, Atom’s Arcade and Gaming, after several months of investigation by Laurel narcotic agents.

“We have been working this case involving a local business owner having UFC-style (Ultimate Fighting Championship-style) mixed martial arts fights in a gaming facility,” Tolbert said. “After about five months of investigations, we executed a search warrant at 2505 Highway 15 North about 8:30 p.m. on Saturday.”

Tolbert said officers executed the search warrant of the business and Doherty was taken into custody.

Officials said public information assisted officers with this case.

“We started hearing about fights back in September and started working the case,” Tolbert said. “After numerous calls from angry parents, we were able to get some details.”

According to officials, Doherty was allegedly allowing juveniles to participate in the fighting.

During the search of the business, Tolbert said, officers found a large quantity of the injectable-type steroids.

Officials said because of the items seized in the incident, Doherty was charged with one count of possession of steroids, a Schedule 3 Controlled substance, and one count of failure to obtain a license for mixed martial arts.

According to city records, Doherty was issued a business license for the arcade business on July 22, 2009.

“In order for him to be able to conduct those fights, there are certain criteria he’d have to meet. He would also have to obtain a license from the Mississippi Athletic Commission, and he didn’t have that license,” Tolbert explained. “However, with his arcade business, it appears that he was operating it legally. He had pool tables and arcade games.

“It was a legitimate business up front,” he added. “What he was doing in the back is what got him in trouble. … He was holding fights or allowing people to fight without proper license.”

Officials said the investigation of this case “was complicated.”

“A lot of leg work and phone calls had to be made,” Tolbert said. “He was holding fights just about every night.”

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