Hushmail helping LE again ?

A fellow victim of the recent Hushmail account closures has claimed ( in a recent Body Of Science forum post ) to have received the following response from them concerning his account :-

“Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your phone call and email.

Our Abuse Team is currently cooperating with RCMP “E” Division and

We regret to inform you that your account has been terminated following
investigation by our Abuse Team into connection with the supply or
distribution of scheduled drugs and misuse of Hush communications.

For additional information, please refer to:

“If there is any indication that you are using your account for illegal
activity, your account will be terminated immediately and without
notice. Activities that are absolutely not tolerated include the
purchase or sale of substances that are illegal in many jurisdictions.”


Network Operations
Hush Communications”

3 responses to “Hushmail helping LE again ?

  1. OOPS! I was wrong because I thought the Man would not have involved themselves with an individuals H-Mail account. But I was right in that it proved what my Computer Science professor always said, "Any encryption lock built by man, can be broken by man."Did everyone really think that Hush Mail was really Hush? PLEASE do not fall into a false of security. The Man has, and always will have, all encryption codes period. The best one can do when using Hush is to fly under their radar and hope they don't come after you.Munix.

  2. Would they have access to all emails ever sent/received, or just the emails in the folders when they took the account?

  3. Would they have access to all emails ever sent/received, or just the emails in the folders when they took the account?It depends on how much they are after you. Remember that it takes the Man time and money to go after someone and if you are not worth it, then they will leave you alone.But to answer your question, yes they have access to ALL e-mails ever sent & received.May the Force be with us.Munix.

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