Two arrested in West Caldwell steroid and H case.

Two men, Joshua Soldano and Brian Leaman, both 29 and from Ramsey, NJ, have been arrested by the VIPER Unit, the Essex County Prosecutor’s narcotics and gang task force, the ECPO said.

The arrest on Friday followed leads detectives had received that Soldano was allegedly distributing anabolic steroids in West Caldwell, where he worked as an athletic trainer at a fitness center. He is said to have distributed steroids and hypodermic syringes to an undercover detective from the VIPER Unit during the investigation.

At the time of Soldano’s arrest, he was allegedly distributing heroin to Leaman, and both men were arrested. A search of Soldano’s vehicle yielded about 40 packages of heroin, 18 grams of cocaine, 8 bottles of anabolic steroids and 29 hypodermic needles. Detectives seized $1,661 in cash and $380 in counterfeit bills from Soldano.

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