Witness in Mobile steroids trial gets probation for testimony.

A Colorado doctor who admitted writing fraudulent prescriptions for anabolic steroids and who testified against his former business associate received probation last week.

Dr. Kenneth M. Olds, 65, of Greeley, Colo., was one of the key witnesses in a federal trial in Mobile earlier this year. His testimony helped convict Brett W. Branch, who ran an anti-aging clinic, and four officials at Applied Pharmacy Services in Mobile.

Olds was one of several doctors who admitted to signing off on steroids orders at the behest of Branch, who previously had worked as a salesman for Applied, a Mobile-based compounding pharmacy that filled the prescriptions.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Donna Dobbins said in a court filing that Olds “made an excellent, credible witness. Dr. Olds clearly explained his association with co-conspirator, Brett W. Branch, and the method by which prescriptions for anabolic steroids and other drugs were prepared and sent to Applied Pharmacy in Mobile.”

Olds, who served as a doctor in an Army special forces unit during the Vietnam War, is the senior partner of a family practice of 20 doctors.

The Colorado Board of Medical Examiners has placed Olds on probation for five years for his conduct.

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