Mexican Monterrey goalkeeper Omar Ortiz tests positive for banned steroids

Omar Ortiz, the back-up goalkeeper for Mexican club Monterrey, was suspended by the Mexican football federation Friday after testing positive for banned steroids.

The Mexican federation said it was giving Ortiz a provisional suspension for a positive test on March 6 following a match against Pachuca. It did not offer more details on the suspension.

The federation said the 34-year-old tested positive for the steroids dromostanolone and oxymetholone. In a statement, Ortiz said he did not know the substances were prohibited.

“It’s a difficult situation,” Ortiz said. “I didn’t do it with any bad intentions. These are two substances they recommended to me and at no time did I think it would be harmful.”

Ortiz said he took the substances to stay in the best shape possible.

“I always like to stay in condition, and so I go to the gym regularly to train,” he said. “These supplements were to help me feel better, but without giving me an advantage. This really hurts what is happening. I didn’t do it to give myself any advantage.”

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