Underground steroid lab discovered in New York motel room.

City police have charged a Corinth man with possession of steroids and materials used to manufacture the substance.

Joshua Arnold, 22, of 333 Main St., Corinth, was arraigned in City Court on Tuesday night and charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. Police say Arnold was in possession of $100,000 worth of stanozol, dromostanolone propionate, trenbolone acetate and winistrinol — liquid and powder steroids — as well as liquids and equipment used to manufacture, package and distribute them. Police say he intended to distribute the steroids throughout and beyond the Capital District.

Arnold was first pulled over by city police at 9 a.m. March 2 when he passed a stopped school bus on Maple Avenue. That traffic stop led police to a motel room in Saratoga Springs that Arnold had been using as a workshop to manufacture steroids and prepare them for distribution.

After a daylong investigation with the help of the city’s Narcotics Unit, Capital District Drug Task Force officers and Drug Enforcement Agency officers, police executed a search warrant on the motel room and recovered the drugs and equipment.

Lt. Greg Veitch said once the materials were seized, police needed a laboratory to confirm what the substances were and they also needed to investigation where the huge amount of steroids had come from and to whom they were being sold. He said it is possible the investigation will result in additional arrests.

A source close to the investigation said Arnold likely obtained the steroids from overseas sources.

“This investigation is the result of excellent pro-active police work and an example of officers going the extra mile to uncover criminal activity occurring in the city. We do not typically become involved in very many steroid-related investigations, and we thank the DEA for providing additional resources and expertise in assisting us with this investigation,” Chief Christopher Cole said.

Arnold is being held in Saratoga County Jail; his bail is set at $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond.

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