Football player files suit against supplement maker.

St. Louis Rams linebacker David Vobora, who was suspended for four games in 2009 after testing positive for a banned steriod now says that he inadvertently used a contaminated supplement, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday against the supplement maker.

In a federal civil suit filed in St. Louis, Vobora said that he began using S.W.A.T.S. “The Ultimate Spray” in 2009, after a SWATS athlete recommended it.

The Web site for SWATS, or Sports with Alternatives to Steroids, touts the company’s anti-steroid stance and Christianity-based opposition to all recreational drugs.

Vobora’s lawsuit says that he researched the spray, talked to colleagues and SWATS endorsers and satisfied himself that the spray did not contain any banned substances.

After testing positive for a banned substance that June and being banned for four games, Vobora’s suit says that someone sent the spray to a Tennessee lab, which detected methyltestosterone.

The suit says that in addition to having his image “permanently tarnished,” Vobora lost endorsement income and performance incentives.

The suit seeks compensation for Vobora’s loss of income and other damages.

“There is no banned substance in the spray,” SWATS owner Mitch Ross said Tuesday evening, before rattling off a list of professional athletes in a variety of sports that use it and have never tested positive for a banned substance.

Ross questioned Vobora’s testing results, saying that other athletes had the same batch of spray tested without problems.

Ross also said that Vobora did not buy the spray, which contains deer antler velvet, from him, something confirmed by the lawsuit, which says that the spray was given to Vobora by an endorser.

Ross also suggested that Vobora may have used other supplements, saying he had a picture of Vobora and his locker that proved it.

SWATS also trains athletes and sells “Athletic Performance Chips,” “multi-layered holographic images that are adhesively bonded with . . . sound vibrations . . . for the purpose of influencing the human vitality field.”

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