Former Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officer claims steroid and hgh purchases were a ‘medical necessity’.

( story edited to remove the junk )

A hormone imbalance and the high cost of several prescriptions to treat it prompted a former Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety sergeant to obtain one of the medicines from an acquaintance earlier this year, his attorney said Friday.

Attorney Michael D. Hills would not say if his client, Fred Milton Jr., obtained any other substances from the acquaintance, whom Hills declined to identify, but he did contend that Milton and his supplier were not involved in “an ongoing relationship.”

“Mr. Milton had a medical need for this medicine. He obtained it because it was medically necessary and he couldn’t afford all of his prescriptions,” Hills said Friday.

Hills said Milton was approached in February by an acquaintance who informed Milton that he could get Milton’s human-growth hormone medication “for an amount Mr. Milton could afford.”

Milton obtained the medicine — what he believed to be human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone powder — March 11 and shortly after getting the substance was stopped by agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the West Michigan Enforcement Team, a Michigan State Police drug unit.

Hills said the authorities removed Milton from his vehicle at gunpoint and interrogated him and “wanted information regarding several specific police officers who investigators suspected were using steroids to gain muscle mass for body building.”

“Since the prescribed medication for Mr. Milton was related to health requirements, and not a body building hobby, Mr. Milton could not further the police investigation as he was not involved in any underlying steroid ring and/or conspiracy,” Hills said in his prepared statement.

“We just want it out there that Mr. Milton had a prescription and the prescriptions were medically necessary for him,” Hills said.

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