More info on the Cushing positive test.

( looks to me like my pregnant girl urine drinking fetish excuse might have worked another possibility is that the ‘clean’ sample he gave was not really his and was in fact that of a woman who he didn’t realise was pregnant, her urine could have been inserted into his bladder just prior to the piss test via a catheter and syringe setup. )

Cushing was randomly tested by the NFL in September. He was informed of the positive test in October and appealed. His suspension was announced May 7.

“When everything first came out, I was completely unfamiliar with hCG,” he said. “I was told that the only way it can get into your body, and, obviously, everyone having their different opinions, was that it was either through injection or through a tumor.

“I know that I didn’t ingest or inject anything. I played the whole season thinking I had tumors (that), this could not only be my last season but my last year.”

After getting the letter in October from the independent doctor in Ohio that he had tested positive, Cushing had five days to file his appeal. Cushing, his family and agent Tom Condon were the only ones who knew he had tested positive and had appealed.

Condon said Thursday that Cushing underwent his first “battery of tests” in November. Condon said Cushing has subsequently undergone more tests in Houston, San Diego and Denver.

“He was tested for a variety of things that were recommended by his (personal) doctor,” Condon said. “My understanding is they’re going to do it again. They’re going to take him from head to toe and repeat everything.”

A person close to Cushing said he underwent tests that turned up negative for testicular cancer.

“Right now, I’m concerned about my health,” Cushing said. “I have to take care of my situation and find out why this is happening from a health standpoint and also from a prevention standpoint.”

Dr. Christopher Wood, a professor of urology at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, confirmed that two types of tumors associated with testicular cancer — one very common, one less common — secrete levels of hCG that would show up in drug testing.

Asked if that meant Cushing’s claim was plausible, Wood said, “yes and no.”

“It would be surprising for someone who tested positive in October not to have felt some sort of abnormal mass in his testicles,” said Wood.

Wood also noted that the more common type of testicular tumor that secretes hCG can be very aggressive. He said when it is advanced, it can secrete very high levels of hCG.

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