BALCO’s Victor Conte claims beating drug tests as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

He was the BALCO Bad Boy, a sort of Dr. Frankenstein who developed athletic monsters in baseball, track and field and, in the case of Sugar Shane Mosley, in boxing.

Despite his checkered past, Conte hasn’t gone underground, instead he’s out in the open advising fighters about strrength, conditioning, nutrition and, of course, drugs. This time around, though, Conte claims he’s on the right side of the law. He’s one of those I did the crime, then I did the time guys.

Consulting with fighters is just a small sideline to his SNAC, Scientific Nutrition and Advanced Conditioning business which he told me has steadily provided him a million dollar annual income flow….the better to pay his huge legal bills, including his continuing defamation battle with Mosley.

And, to hear Conte tell it, he will be around boxing longer than sanctimonious Travis Tygart and his USADA will.

Conte makes it plain that he has little regard for Tygart’s public posturing and the tactics used by the anti drug cheating agency.

“I think the time will come when boxing will separate itself from him and the USADA,” Conte said. “I think Floyd Mayweather will get away from Tygart and his group as well.

“Tygart puts out all sorts of information which is false and inaccurate. Make no mistake, Tygart has his own agenda.

“Tygart uses scare tactics, for example, storing athletes’ blood for eight years,” Conte said. “Every other word out of his mouth is random, random, random as in random resting.

“So let’s look at what they did on Mosley-Mayweather. They took the first blood and urine tests from the fighters on March 22 and 23, about five weeks out from the night of the bout. It turns out there was no testing on the fighters then for 18-19 days before the fight.

“What is random about that? Random, to me, is 24/7/365. I have real issues with Tygart and with the USADA. He talks about their testing being foolproof and that is simply nonsense.

“Starting to test fighters five weeks out is a joke. Under their system, to get caught using, let’s say, HGH or EPO , you would have to really be a moron. Tygart acts like he is the biggest sherriff in town and he talks about full disclosure and transparency.

“There isn’t any of that in their program. With the Olympics, they don’t tell you that in an 18 month moving time frame, you can miss two tests and no one will know except. You would have to miss three tests before the world finds out and, even then, it’s like getting one speeding ticket marked on your driver’s license.

“Beating the so called ‘gold standard’ testing system is like taking candy from a baby. The HGH, the EPO and many other banned substances…you can get them out of your system on the same day you take them or one day later. How hard do you think it is to dodge their testing for one day?

“Even if they come back the next day, you can dodge them again and all you get is a notice of your right to a hearing to explain the circumstances,” Conte said.

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