Rugby Football League to interview Terry Newton over autobiography doping claims.

Terry Newton will be asked to provide details to the Rugby Football League after claiming in his autobiography that he bought the human growth hormone for which he tested positive this season from a fellow player for £150 at a service station on the M62.

The former Great Britain hooker, who is in the early stages of a two-year ban that is likely to end his career, also voiced suspicions in an interview with the News of the World that other players have been taking the banned substance since at least 2007, when he suspected a team-mate in the national squad “was taking HGH and got away with it”.

“We are aware of Terry Newton’s comments and will be speaking to him about his claims,” said a spokesman for the governing body. “The RFL is committed to eradicating drug use in the sport and any information Terry can provide to help with our efforts to root out cheats would be most useful. That Terry Newton was caught by our doping programme demonstrates that HGH is detectable. His suspension should act as a warning to every player of the consequences of cheating.”

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