Purchase Meds Inc. owner sentenced to nine years for smuggling steroids.

The owner of a Tinley Park home-based business, previously sued for allegedly swindling the elderly , has been sentenced to nine years in prison in connection with a steroid smuggling ring.

Rick Boros, 66, was one of the owners of Purchase Meds Inc., which smuggled anabolic steroids and other prescription drugs from Mexico and Belize, hiding the substances in women’s shoes and electronics from 2003 to 2006, according to federal prosecutors.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Joan B. Gottschall sentenced Boros to 108 months behind bars, plus five years’ probation once he’s released, according to an Internal Revenue Service spokeswoman.

Boros, of Hinsdale, who also went by the alias Vince Kwiatkowski, was convicted in May 2008 on multiple felony charges.

Federal authorities said Boros obtained fraudulent prescriptions from doctors for customers’ steroids and medications such as Xanax.

Two other co-defendants had been processing an average of 50 Internet and telephone orders a day from throughout the United States at the company’s headquarters, based in a home in the 17200 block of Oriole Avenue in Tinley Park, prosecutors said. They said other customers showed up from a nearby gym to purchase steroids at the house.

He spent the money, the SEC alleged, on “women’s accessories” at an Orland Park Lover’s Lane store for his secretary, in addition to paying off personal credit card debt, maintaining three BMWs and paying for spas and salon services for himself and his wife.

Boros remains behind bars in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago’s Loop.

Six other people, including two from Tinley Park, were charged in the steroids operation. Randy Soderlund was sentenced to a year in prison, and Larry Calow committed suicide in 2008 before he was scheduled to be sentenced.

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