Candian HGH Doctor’s assistant to plead guilty.

Mary Anne Catalano is scheduled to appear in federal court next Thursday to plead guilty to one felony count of making a false statement.

Last month, Dr. Anthony Galea was charged by the federal government with unlawful distribution of HGH and other drugs, smuggling, and other charges in connection with his alleged treatment of star U.S. athletes, including the Yankees Alex Rodriguez and Tiger Woods.

It’s believed that a good deal of the evidence against Galea has come from his former assistant, Catalano.

Last September, Catalano was trying to enter the U.S. at the Peace Bridge when she was pull aside by authorities.

According to federal documents obtained by 2 On Your Side, Catalano waived her Miranda rights to a lawyer and agreed to speak with federal agents.

Those agents found in Catalano’s car HGH and other drugs, 111 syringes, a medical centrifuge and an ultra sound machine.

Catalano told the agents that she knew “the items that she was bringing in were illegal and that she was doing this for her employer,” Dr. Galea.

Catalano said Galea “had admitted he had had problems attempting to import the same items into the U.S. on previous occasions.”

Catalano said Galea had told her that “if she ever got stopped and questioned about her trip, she should say that she was coming in to meet Galea at a medical conference, and that none of the equipment was for treating medical patients.”

Reports are that Catalano was on her way to the Washington area to meet up with Galea, where he was to treat Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss.

Moss has denied using HGH.

It appears that neither Moss nor other athletes allegedly treated by Galea will face charges.

Scott Brown: “Can you say whether any athletes involved are the target of the investigation?”

U.S. Attorney William Hochul: “In a particular case if somebody tells the government what they know in a timely way, those people are generally considered witnesses.”

Hochul declined to comment on the plea deal with Catalano or the continuing investigation into Galea.

Catalano’s Buffalo attorney, Rod Personius, says Catalano has been cooperating with federal authorities, and will continue to do until she’s sentenced at some point in the future.

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