Second Canadian University of Waterloo football player arrested over steroid scandal.

Police have arrested another University of Waterloo football player in connection with a drug investigation that resulted in the one-year suspension of the team.

Brandon Krukowski, 22, a 6-foot, 220-pound third-year linebacker with the Warriors, was charged Monday with several counts of possession and trafficking drugs.

The charges relate to suspected anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

“I’m shocked and sad,” said Carl Zender, the former assistant football coach who quit in protest after the team’s upcoming season was suspended by UW.

Zender, whose son, Dustin, played on the team, said he learned of the latest arrest through the media Tuesday.

“I feel bad for everybody,” he said, when reached at his home.

The one-year team suspension was the result of what started as a police investigation into property crime.

Police found several types of anabolic steroids, including nandrolone, trenbolone, stanozolol and testosterone, along with a quantity of tamoxifen, a breast cancer drug sometimes used in conjunction with steroids to help reduce water retention.

Police charged UW receiver Nathan Zettler with possession of anabolic steroids and human growth hormone for the purpose of trafficking.

His teammate, Matthew Valeriote, 24, also from Waterloo, and a former teammate, Eric Legare, 26, are also charged in connection with the case.

After the arrests, the university had its football players tested for drugs and last week announced its team would be suspended for the 2010 season after nine positive drug tests. The results are considered one of the biggest steroid scandals in Canadian sports history.

Head coach Dennis McPhee and assistant, Marshall Bingeman, were put on paid leaves.

So far, only Warriors defensive end Joe Surgenor and linebacker Jordan Meredith were identified as Waterloo’s drug cheats. They’ve been given two-year suspensions by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports.

The names of the remaining seven Warrior players who committed doping violations are expected to be released shortly.

Police have continued to investigate during the past several months, which led to the most recent arrest this week.

“We’ve been collecting evidence through the course of this investigation and as a result these charges are being laid,” said police spokesperson Olaf Heinzel. “We obviously take investigations of illegal drugs very seriously.”

Krukowski, who is enrolled in sociology at UW, is a former first-team Waterloo County all-star linebacker at Kitchener’s Grand River Collegiate who was recruited by the Warriors in 2007.

University spokesperson Michael Strickland confirmed Krukowski was on the team but said the university would not comment because of the ongoing police investigation and an internal review.

Retired Waterloo Regional Police chief Larry Gravill has been hired to head the internal investigation into how much the coaches on the Waterloo Warriors football team knew about steroid use among players.

The 53 players who tested clean said they feel unfairly punished and urged the university to reverse its decision. The university refused to do so, leaving the players to look at other universities.

Zender said his son is “investigating heavily” which school he may attend in the future.

Zender said the university “didn’t make the wrong call when dealing with kids who use steroids. They need to be firm. They need to be tough.”

But, he said, it’s unfair that clean players are being penalized.

“It breaks my heart when a situation goes bad,” he said.

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