British Thai steroids gang busted.

( if anyone knows which web sites they ran please comment )

Cumbria’s serious and organised crime squad has charged six people following a long-running investigation into an alleged money laundering plot.

They are now due before a court after all being charged with conspiring to facilitate the concealment, transferal and removal of criminal assets from the UK.

Those charged are:

Peter Henry Farquhar, 52, of Pattaya in Thailand;
Paul Short, 39, of The Willows, Egremont;
Anthony Thomas Norman, 42, of The Larches, Egremont;
Jenny Dalton, 44, of The Larches, Egremont;
Philip Burney, 48, of Clintz Road, Egremont;
Yvonne Burney, 36, of Clintz Road, Egremont.

Farquhar, Short, Norman and Dalton were also charged with evading the duty on items imported into the UK.

Philip Burney and Yvonne Burney both face two charges each of possessing steroids with intent to supply.

They were all bailed and are due to make their first appearance at Whitehaven Magistrates Court on Wednesday July 14.

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