New info on the Ohio domestic steroids bust.

( Here’s a little more info on yesterday’s domestic steroids bust in Ohio)

A preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday for a Perrysburg man charged with possessing and manufacturing suspected anabolic steroid drugs.

The drugs and money were found during a search Wednesday of the home of Mr. Kreuz. He is being held in the Wood County jail on a bond of $250,000.

Chief Gilmore said Mr. Kreuz is believed to be a distributor whose customers extend well beyond the Perrysburg area. “This was primarily a distributor, but the charges haven’t come to that yet,” he explained.

“We haven’t gotten to his computer yet. We haven’t gotten to his customers.”

He declined to specify how the investigation started.

“We’ve been working on it for quite a few months, and the investigation led to enough probable cause to get a search warrant and an arrest warrant,” he said.

The police raid and arrest surprised neighbors, who said they did not notice a lot of traffic to and from Mr. Kreuz’s house.

Another nearby neighbor, Jeffry Coleman, 47, said he and his son were going fishing yesterday when they saw police officers wearing gloves and carrying what he thought were metal detectors in the neighborhood.

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