Australian Go Kart driver suspended for attempted Sustanon use :-)

he Australian Karting Association has banned a driver in Townsville in north Queensland from racing for two years for the attempted use of testosterone.

Hayden Stephensen will be ineligible to participate as an athlete or support person in the sport until July 2012.

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service intercepted a package containing Sustanon in June 2009 and notified the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority.

The president of the Townsville Kart Club, Scott Armstrong, says Stephensen has been a valued member of the club for many years. “I was surprised but we support Hayden Stephensen – he’s a valued member of the Townsville Kart Club and has been a valued member for many years,” he said.

“We’ll stand by him in any way and whatever decision is made, we’ll support him with that. I think as any sport, to get a competitive edge these days people are prepared to go to different lengths. From what I understand it could have nothing to do with motor racing, so as I said that’s why we’re standing by him.”

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