Weird bust involving controlled delivery of FedEx package from Thailand.

Drug enforcement agents who tracked a suspicious FedEx package from Thailand to a southeast Memphis apartment earlier this year found hallucinogenic mushrooms, marijuana-laced cookies and small bottles of LSD.

They also found a virtual pharmacy of other drugs and controlled substances that could result in the owner losing more than the $65,000 in bank accounts federal authorities are now seeking to claim as proceeds of suspected illegal drug activity.

No criminal charges have been filed.

According to a complaint for forfeiture filed this week, Anthony Richard Webb, 26, of 3281 Remington Trace in the Fieldstone Apartments, admitted ordering two bottles of Gamma Butyl Lactone (GBL) from Brightsmiles Dental Co. in Bangkok, Thailand.

He told authorities he drank GBL to calm an anxiety disorder and then gave them permission to look around his apartment.

Inside, according to court papers, agents found marijuana-laced cookies in the refrigerator and tin foil packages of dropper bottles and paper cards containing LSD.

Another package contained hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms and DMT powder that produces psychedelic effects when smoked or taken orally. They also found Mason jars with soil and holes punched in the top for growing the mushrooms.

Webb showed investigators a fake dictionary with a locked box inside that contained small bags of methamphetamine, ecstasy power, cocaine, crushed mushroom powder, 118 Adderall pills and 73 Xanax pills.

Elsewhere were bottles of testosterone, the anesthetic Ketamine, the antidepressant Seroquel, the fertility steroid Clomiphene Citrate and the stimulant Modafinil, agents said.

Numerous syringes, a plastic herb grinder, a digital scale and a ceramic mortar and pestle also were found.

Webb, who works at International Paper with a $56,857 annual salary, told agents he bought the drugs for trying them himself, but authorities said they believe he was using his residence as a lab to manufacture and sell drugs illegally.

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