More info on Advanced Stealth steroids bust.

Just got an interesting email from a guy who claims that the Advanced Stealth guy owns a number of other steroid sites some of which are very famous.

Sadly I’m unable to vefiry it as nearly all of the sites use “Who is” privacy to hide their true ownership.

( So if I’m wrong I apologise in advance to the sites listed but I do think it’s important to try and warn people as their order info may already be in the hands of LE and if I am wrong this is great free advertising for your sites )

My own quick research shows that many of the sites listed do indeed appear to link to each other which lends a lot more weight to my tipster’s claim.

The list is as follows :-

isteroids. com
roid-shop. com
cheap-steroids. net
xproids. com
xroids. net
gproids. com
ibuysteroids. com
eclenbuterol. com
e-steroid. com

If he really does own all these sites then the Advanced Stealth guy probably was the biggest international source of all time since ORD as these sites occupy most of the top ten result spots on google for nearly all popular steroid related searches.

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