Scottish convicts caught with home made Paperbol books.

Caged crooks are eating book pages soaked in steroids in a bid to win a jail strongman contest. The devious cons have been getting pals to smuggle drug-tainted crime books into tough Shotts jail in the run-up to next week’s competition.

And they are tearing out the pages and swallowing them to get a hit of the lethal muscle-building chemicals.

Savage double killer Christopher Hutcheson has already been barred from the contest. for refusing a drug test after guards began to suspect that he and other bulked-up inmates were getting hold of steroids.

The lags hope the drugs will help them get “ripped” – bodybuilding slang for a highly-muscled, lean body, before Wednesday’s showdown in the prison gym.

Shotgun madman Raoul Moat and cop-killer David Bieber both used steroids, illegal Class C drugs which cause violent mood swings.

And worried bosses at Shotts began drug-testing contenders for the strongman event after noticing that some cons were getting “bigger and angrier”.

A prison insider told the Record last night: “For weeks now, the prisoners have been getting loads of books delivered, many of them gangster biographies and autobiographies.

“The pages are soaked with steroids but the secur ity scanner doesn’t pick up the liquid. “The cons take them back to their cells and rip out the pages before eating them .

“A lot of guys are taking the strongman contest. very seriously. In prison, it’s all about looking the biggest and the hardest.”But the staff became suspicious recently because a number of the cons are looking bigger and becoming more aggressive.

“Now every con who has put his name down for the competition is going to be tested. If they fail or refuse, they are banned. “Hutcheson was one of the first guys taken in for testing because he looked so abnormally big.

“Smuggling steroids into jail is extremely dangerous. They can make guys want to pick a fight with everyone. “It’s a recipe for disaster in a prison and it has to be stopped.”

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