Domestic source in Albuquerque busted during cattle implant brewing session.
Albuquerque Drug Task Force agents took down a man they said was dealing a large amount of steroids around the city.

Not only was he supplying, they say he was actually making the steroids from animal medication. Detectives said they found thousands of pills, Meth, Ecstasy, and a stolen gun, all within reach of five children inside the house.

“They tried to downplay it but it was a large amount. It was several thousand pills several thousand empty bottles,” The Drug Task Force Detective who didn’t want to be identified said.

Both Ruben Jaramillo and his wife Claudine were reportedly running an illegal pharmacy out of their home in Taylor Ranch. “There was liquid testosterone, anabolic steroids of all kinds, whether it be liquid or pills,” the detective said.

He says Jaramillo was making a lot of the stuff himself. Get this, he was allegedly cooking cattle medication to draw out testosterone, then mix it into steroids he sold to humans.

Investigators said they actually found batches of the cattle meds being prepared in the oven and on the stove.

Drug agents said Jaramillo told them he was selling them at the gym where he works out, Defined Fitness on Juan Tabo in the Northeast Heights. “We don’t want to be associated with that,” Defined Fitness Corporate Membership Manager Shawn Gale said.

“Our goal is to help law enforcement keep this element out of gyms.” He went on to say, “Very dangerous, we don’t condone that at all.”

Both the Jaramillo’s are out of jail, together they forked over about 8 thousand dollars in cash to get out. The gym said it will have employees patrol bathrooms and the floor more often to ensure no more dirty deals are being made.

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