Possibly the world’s biggest steroid counterfeiter busted in Russia.

( This was the guy behind British Dragon’s copycat company registered in Hongkong and the infamous Steroid. Ru forums in Russia. My apologies for the poor translation )

Capital [narkopolitseyskie] arrested the organizer of large criminal group, which was occupied by the deliveries of the forbidden anabolics. [Kontrafaktnye] preparations dangerous for the health yearly brought to spreaders millions of dollars. In order to leave to the track of the leader of the steroid Mafia, several years were required operatives. [Narkopolitsiya] grasped Russian [kulturistov] for the living.

Immediately 300 kilograms of anabolic steroids are withdrawn in the criminal group, which supplied with dangerous chemistry almost of all worshippers of [bodibildinga] in Russia. In the transfer into the muscular mass of [kulturisty] they were missed several tons of biceps, triceps and buttock muscles. But the steroid Mafia lost 5 million dollars in clean profit. All withdrawn proved to be forgery. “

[Kontrafakt] of the cleanest water. This was produced at the underground factories either in China or in [Moldove]. [Kontrafakt] it cost absolute kopecks. Cheap [syre] is reached from China, all this is packed up at the factory, labels generally stick in Moscow on detachable [kvartirakh]” , tells chief of a service on the control of legal drug trafficking of Moscow administration [FSKN] of Russia Ivan [Elisavetchenko].

Steroids – synthetic sexual hormones, relate to the strong substances strictly of calculation. According to the law can appoint them only doctor and only to patient. [Bodibildery] for the growth of muscles eat with their bundles, voluntarily sentencing themselves to the incurable defeats of the liver, kidneys and nervous system. ” Especially this painfully for the young, growing organism, when normal sexual hormones are substituted by synthetic analogs. As a result organism can forget about the fact that there are normal man sexual hormones, and appears a number of the diseases, connected with the predominance of female sexual hormones – such as gynecomastia, obesity on the female of [tipu]” , explains the rector of the Moscow State University of food productions Dmitriy [Edelev]. In the office of chief of a service on the control of legal drug trafficking – pinned to the wall portraits of the leaders of the steroid Mafia, club trainers, athletes.

Among them – ” the king of [anabolikov]” Dmitriy Kolomoytsev, quite important wholesaler, when or fallen in the network of [narkopolitsii]. Personnel of operational survey. Search on its out-of-town villa. Royal motor park: 600- y of ” [Mersedes]” , ” Mini -[Kuper]” , ” [Lambordzhini]” orange color. ” This personality is sufficiently offensive. In its sport medium they know practically everything, and all were assured that its no one will detain never – already painfully it large figure with the sufficiently extensive connections. Sale it achieved practically throughout the entire territory of Russia – by messages both through the post sendings and on the iron of [doroge]” , notes Ivan [Elisavetchenko].

Hunting for The [kolomoytsevym] went several years. The fact that itself it especially and did not hide with. Its site in the Internet, where it based on the example of its own body advertises new steroid potion, is accessible, here are articles over the signature Of [kolomoytseva] – interview with the athletes and at the end the program of the method of preparations. However, itself it never the goods even touched.

Personnel of external observation. Secret encounters Of [kolomoytseva] – it on the black of ” [Mersedese]” – with the messengers and the wholesalers they occurred on the stands of supermarkets, the bus stops, in other populous places. Its [podelniki] constantly were checked against the presence of shadowing, every week changed the numbers of telephones. Moreover – the base layer of [gosnomera] in the machine of messenger says: ” [narkokontrol]”. “

Comrade completely managed the methods of operational- search activity, he knew, as which is done. They detained it, only when they already completely gathered entire demonstrative base, they conducted several operational experiments, and they detained it at the output from [fitnes]-[kluba]” , continues Ivan [Elisavetchenko].

According to article 234 criminal of codes – the illegal sale of the strong substances – To [kolomoytsevu] and to the members of his group it threatens of up to 10 years of the deprivation of freedom. However, piously place emptily is not. When this subject was prepared for ether, in the conductor of train Kharkov- Moscow was withdrawn the roll from 3-[mya] by the kilograms of anabolic steroids. The steroid Mafia searches for the new channels of the delivery of potion into Russia.

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